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microblading by lesley lee

Grace Lash & Beauty is proud to offer some of the best talent in microblading. Whether you’re booking your initial appointment or a touch-up, you will be confident in what you are receiving as Lesley Lee thoroughly explains the entire process each and every time. We understand each brow is unique in desired looks, face shapes, skin types, etc. Therefore, you can be sure that you are receiving completely custom brows that best suit you, by a true and talented artist.




During the consultation, we will discuss, in detail, the look you are trying to achieve and what recommendations we have for you. Once we have clearly determined your goals and are on the same page, we will move on to the next steps.



Using a microblading tool, we create tiny hair strokes, mimicking the natural direction of your brows. We will spend time going back and forth, paying special attention to thorough, even strokes and ensuring each hairstroke is done with the utmost care.



This session is so important to give you the perfect brows. We require each of our clients to revisit us between 4-8 weeks to perfect their brows. Some areas do not stay perfectly, and more need to be added once the first session heals.

yearly boost


Color boost procedures are for clients who have had previous permanent makeup completed by Lesley. It is a refresher application of the initial pigment to perk up their color and refresh the look.