the grace difference.

The bond is a surgical grade adhesive formulated especially for eyelash extensions. Every lash is isolated to ensure no damage to your natural lashes. This is why clients should be careful when choosing a less expensive option like a nail salon. Eyelash extensions applied correctly are not at all damaging to the eyelashes.

Lashes are applied directly to the lash and not to the skin or multiple natural lashes. Styles are completely customizable so you choose how dramatic or natural you want your lashes to be.

They are applied using a very calming and painless procedure.

Each set is applied with attention to the smallest detail, ensuring longevity and safety to your natural lashes.

Good for everyday wear, great for weddings and other special events.

Water resistant through showers, sweating and swims.



Set $200 | Fill $75

Volume is mixed in with classic to create a unique and customized look. Volume comes in to cover sparse areas with its fanned effect, creating a voluminous look while classics are spread evenly throughout.


Set $150 | Fill $65

Classic lashes are single extensions per lash. They create a mascara look with added length and fullness. People will often wonder if they are your natural lashes due to how subtle yet amazing they look.


Set $100 | Fill $50

Natural is the perfect every day look. It is for those who are looking to enhance their natural lashes. The style is based off of your natural lash shape and style and doesn't exceed more than 2mm than your natural lash.


Fill Option Only | $80

Volume tends to last longer and stay fuller due the quantity and how they are applied. Volume is the most dramatic look achieved with extensions. You can work up to full volume by selecting this fill.